Frequently Asked Questions

What is DenCap?
DenCap is a company which facilitates affordable preventative dental care which suits your needs and budget.

Can anyone join a DenCap Plan at any time?
You need to be evaluated by a DenCap dentist to determine if you are dentally fit to join a DenCap Plan. Any work that is required to make you dentally fit would have to be done before joining the plan.

What determines whether one is dentally fit?

The amount of treatment you have received in the past and your current dental condition will be assessed by your dentist. You may be required to undergo all treatment necessary to render you dentally fit.

How are the fees set?
Fees are set by reference to your dental health. Children with average dental care are free.  Fees may vary slightly from practice to practice.

What is covered?

We have Platinum, Comprehensive and Standard plans. Details are in ‘What’s Included?’’

What do I do in an emergency?
Your  own dentist will be responsible for emergency treatment  

Dental Emergency Insurance Cover when away from home in South Africa. If you are away from home and in South Africa, contact DenCap to arrange emergency treatment. All patients have dental emergency insurance cover when away from home (only in South Africa) T&C apply

How do I join?
Four simple steps.

  1. Find a DenCap dentist in your area
  2. Make an appointment and have your assessment and decide on your plan.
  3. Complete the forms provided and return them to:
  •     the practice or the practice broker
  •     fax to 086 659 1115 or email to

       4. On confirmation of registration you will receive a welcome pack and membership card.

Can I leave a Plan?
A new member is required to sign up for one year. After that the standard notice is three months written notice to DenCap and the dentist. However, if extensive dental procedures have been undertaken then a minimum of six months written notice is required.

Can I get cosmetic dentistry on the plan?
Your dentist may do cosmetic dentistry for you but this might not be covered under the DenCap plans. DenCap members do, however, receive preferential rates for extra procedures provided by your dentist. Some practices do cosmetic dentistry on DenCap plans, ask your dentist.

Why extra for specialist treatment?
The DenCap dentist only caters for your continuing care. If specialist services are required eg. Orthodontics, oral or periodontal surgery, you will be referred to a specialist. As specialist treatment is not part of your regular treatment it is not included in your DenCap Plan.

Can I change dentists?
Yes, but the new dentist must be a  DenCap dentist and must agree in writing to taking you on. Also DenCap must agree in writing to the change of dentists.

What happens if I’ m on holiday elsewhere in South Africa and have a dental emergency?

Contact DenCap who will arrange emergency treatment for you. All DenCap patients have dental emergency insurance cover when away from home in South Afriica. (T&C apply)

If you have any other questions please contact DenCap

Phone:   +27 (0) 71 659 4174

Fax:        086 659 1115


DenCap (Pty) Ltd FSP No: 44792