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About us

DenCap is fully aware that the majority of patients in South Africa are unhappy with the inadequate dental cover offered by their present dental financing arrangements.   DenCap provides patients with the opportunity to join a  Preventative Dental Care plan specific to their dental needs.   A patient’s dental health is the priority in Preventative Dentistry.    

How does it work?

There is a wide choice of plans from which families and individuals can benefit.  Your dentist, during consultation, will help you choose the best plan to benefit both you and/or your family in regards to your dental needs. Patients on DenCap’s Preventative dental plans are obligated to visit their dentist twice a year or as specified by their dentist. The patient will receive a consultation, all necessary restorative work and a scale and polish.  This will ensure the patients present and future oral health.  

Dental Capitation. What is it?

This is the revolutionary way for all patients to have on-going dental care at an affordable price. Based on the internationally driven principle of preventative health care, DenCap’s dental capitation plan provides an excellent level of service.  All necessary maintenance work is included and this is the solution to your family’s future dental health.   Within the family group, children with low dental needs stay free until eighteen years of age.   With this affordable maintenance plan in place early detection of problems ensures continuous dental health for all.  Prevention is better than cure! This is modern dental care in the 21st century, dentistry done the DenCap way!      



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